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DVD-R Duplicator for "PlayStation2" Game developers

MSRP: US$33,300.00

For Immediate Release

Tokyo, Japan, April 2, 2000

Hoei Sangyo Co., LTD. announced today the release of the new DSR-8000dp DVD-R Duplicator. The DVD Multiplexor houses 4 DVD-R drives and one DVD-ROM drive. The basis for this new generation of product was the origination of the Hoei Sangyo DPM 44, developed in 1997. The DPM 44 system was the only duplicator officially authorized by Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI) to produce multiple CD-R masters for submission of the original "PlayStation" format. Developed by Hoei Sangyo, the DSR-8000dp is the end result of a joint engineering effort of SCEI and Pioneer Japan for release to the "PlayStation 2" Game developers worldwide. The DSR-8000dp is a newly designed second-generation device in support of the DPM series and the PlayStation 2 format. Estimated release date in the United States is April 2000.

In conjunction with the soon to released DPM-88 software, the DSR-8000dp system will interface directly to SCEI's new generator to Create multiple CD/DVDs while providing total verification of the completed masters. Game developers can now create 4 CD/DVD discs with a single master unit, and up to 16 CD/DVDs at once by utilizing a VMI Slave unit.

The soon to be released DPM88 (add-on software for Generator) and DSR-8000 dp developers will dramatically reduce submission disc cutting time, providing the mastering engineer more time for the debugging process.

The DSR-8000dp is releasing two models, one for DVDs and second for CDs. Both systems have 4 writers and one reader per enclosure. A large capacity HD is standard, providing enough capacity to register the DVD or CD image for duplication. The CD system is totally expandable and up to 5 masters and can be networked providing total of 80 drives with the VMI slave units connected. "Current game software structure is becoming more complicated with multiple disc titles and longer playing times, so more time for program debugging is required, said Keith Yoshida, manger of sales & marketing of Hoei Sangyo Co., LTD. The DSR-8000 is the perfect solution for the making of copies for debugging and quick turn around for submission discs by connecting with DPM88 software."

Microboards Technology LLC, based in Chanhassen, Minnesota, will distribute the product. Microboards has been distributing DPM44 system for "PlayStation" Game developers since 1997 and will be responsible for sales and support of DSR-8000dp exclusively for Hoei Sangyo. Co., LTD. in the US. Hoei Sangyo is an official SCEI Tools & Middleware Licensee for both "PlayStation" and "PlayStation 2" by SCEI. Hoei Sangyo, located in Tokyo Japan, is the world's leading manufacturer of Media Duplication Systems. Hoei Sangyo is also recognized in Japan as a major distributor of equipment and supplies of Imaging and Digital data processing hardware.
* "PlayStation" is a registered trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

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